Recent Bloomreach with XIN Mods Tutorials

Tutorial #23: JWT Bridge - Integrating External Tools into Bloomreach XM

In this video we're going to talk about extending the CMS with your own tools without customising the CMS.

Tutorial #22: Why you should consider using Bloomreach XM and XIN Mods

In this video we're going to have a look at why XIN Mods is a great addition to Bloomreach, and why you should be using them both to speed up your development workflow!

Tutorial #21: Package Manager - Moving content between Bloomreach Environments

In this video we're going to talk about the package manager, what it is and why you should use it.

Tutorial #20: Adding a Custom Document Toolbar Button

In this video we're going to talk about how to add custom buttons to the document toolbar and a potential usecase for it.

Recent Blogs

Build Flutter Web App with Github Actions in 2024

Build your Flutter Web app in the cloud with Github Actions so you can deploy it immediately.

Deploying Flutter Web builds to Cloudflare Pages

A small Makefile that will help you deploying your versioned flutter builds to Cloudflare Pages.

Camera and Microphone Permissions on Older Mac hardware

Follow these steps to permit applications use of Camera of Microphone on old mac hardware.

Handlebars Templates in Cloudflare Workers

We're going to use Cloudflare's Workers to serve up Handlebars templates.

Better monitoring metrics on Elastic Beanstalk Instances

Improving the metrics your Elastic Beanstalk instances generate

Floppyball - Colour Maximite 2

A simple Flappy Bird clone for your Colour Maximite 2!

Code Projects

Bloomreach XIN mods

The XIN mods are a set of tools that turn a vanilla Blooomreach XM install into an easy-to-deploy Fully Headless Content as a Service instance that you can use to quickly model and query information in your repository with!

JSdoc to Swagger document generator

An NPM module I wrote that converts JSdoc annotations to Swagger documents to be served as an endpoint or fed to Redoc.

Kinect SDK: surrounded by bees

Lately I have been given the opportunity to experiment with the brand new official Microsoft Kinect SDK. In only a few days I setup a framework in which skeleton location information is easily projected onto the screen.

Shoutzor 2012

Shoutz0r is a central music management system ideal for LAN-parties.

SQLite Wrapper C++

This project is an excerpt of the Shoutz0r code base that provides a small but useful abstraction in C++ for the SQLite library allowing easy retrieval to structures of queries.

Open MiniGUI: C++/OpenGL GUI prototyping library

I took it upon myself to create a simple prototyping GUI library that is integrated into existing OpenGL applications. It contains a number of standard components, features elements such as data-linking, extreme ease with a non-invasive notation.