Recent Blogs

Advent of Code 2021

Some visualisations created for AoC 2021.

Vue JS Browserify to Webpack Conversion

Browserify seems quite outdated, webpack seemed the way to go, here's a template.

FizzBuzz in Assembler

An optimised FizzBuzz implementation in Turbo Assembler

Retro: Amiga Gear - 2021

It's been a while since I've showcased the current state of my Amiga corner.

How Things Have Moved On

The amount of things that change in a few years' time is amazing. Let's talk about it.

Retro: A Complete Set of Amiga gear

I recently received the last piece of the gear I need to use my Amiga the way I want to!


Flocking around with the Kinect

Having created a cool prototype using the newly release Microsoft Kinect SDK I decided to pen down my findings and share them with HUGI readers. Now you'll also have the opportunity read it here.

A blast from the past!

This article discusses a number of graphics programming techniques: the rotational zoom, phong shading and bumpmapping. They are combined into a nice visual package: a bump-mapped rotozoom.

Reaction diffusion on the GPU

This article discusses an implementation of the Reaction Diffusion algorithm on the GPU. Showing how to solve a partial differential equation through discrete iteration using a Ping-Pong technique with frame buffer objects (FBOs).

Code Projects

Bloomreach XIN mods

The XIN mods are a set of tools that turn a vanilla Blooomreach XM install into an easy-to-deploy Fully Headless Content as a Service instance that you can use to quickly model and query information in your repository with!

JSdoc to Swagger document generator

An NPM module I wrote that converts JSdoc annotations to Swagger documents to be served as an endpoint or fed to Redoc.

Kinect SDK: surrounded by bees

Lately I have been given the opportunity to experiment with the brand new official Microsoft Kinect SDK. In only a few days I setup a framework in which skeleton location information is easily projected onto the screen.

Shoutzor 2012

Shoutz0r is a central music management system ideal for LAN-parties.

SQLite Wrapper C++

This project is an excerpt of the Shoutz0r code base that provides a small but useful abstraction in C++ for the SQLite library allowing easy retrieval to structures of queries.

Open MiniGUI: C++/OpenGL GUI prototyping library

I took it upon myself to create a simple prototyping GUI library that is integrated into existing OpenGL applications. It contains a number of standard components, features elements such as data-linking, extreme ease with a non-invasive notation.