Camera and Microphone Permissions on Older Mac hardware

When you have old Mac hardware running OpenCore Boot you might discover applications like Slack, Zoom or Skype can't register their use of Camera of Microphone. I had tried many different ways to get around this issue but only found the following to work. I thought I would put it here on my blog so I can find it again in the future. I hope it's useful for you as well. 

I found a project called `tccplus`, it promises to let you use the command-line to give permissions of any kind (including Camera and Microphone) to any application on your (t)rusty old mac. 

The Git repository can be found here:

I wasn't quite sure how to compile the code though. Digging a little deeper I found an applescript version that wraps a precompiled binary. I've uploaded it here for archiving purposes. 

Click here to download. (use at your own risk)

Just decompress the file and run the applescript. It will then let you select the application you wish to give certain permissions .. the permissions you'd like to give and spits out a command it will execute in your terminal. 

In my case it didn't like the fact I am running fish shell, so the last bit didn't work, but copy pasting the suggested command into your terminal will work just fine as well.

Hope that helps someone else as well.

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