Vue JS Browserify to Webpack Conversion

Browserify seems quite outdated, webpack seemed the way to go, here's a template.

FizzBuzz in Assembler

An optimised FizzBuzz implementation in Turbo Assembler

Retro: Amiga Gear - 2021

It's been a while since I've showcased the current state of my Amiga corner.

How Things Have Moved On

The amount of things that change in a few years' time is amazing. Let's talk about it.

Retro: A Complete Set of Amiga gear

I recently received the last piece of the gear I need to use my Amiga the way I want to!

Retro: Commodore 64

I received some more retro-tech, which obviously warrants a nice picture for all to see!

Retro: Cleaning my Amiga 500 (part 2)

In preparation for the parts that I have ordered I wanted to make sure my Amiga 500's insides are in good working order.

Gameboy Advance: Multi game cartridges

A ring at the door, a small package with a Chinese looking font! Woo, they're here, my multi-game GBA cartridges

Received some new goodies - VZ300

Today I got some "new" old hardware, truly a piece of history now in my posession. It even still works!

Contentful: Content as a Service

Wanting to avoid solving a well-solved problem I went looking for external data management systems, to integrate with.

Retro: The Amiga 500 (part 1)

In a bout of nostalgia I managed to cheaply purchase an Amiga 500. Follow along as I work on upgrading it and setting up a nice development workflow.