Build Flutter Web App with Github Actions in 2024

Build your Flutter Web app in the cloud with Github Actions so you can deploy it immediately.

Deploying Flutter Web builds to Cloudflare Pages

A small Makefile that will help you deploying your versioned flutter builds to Cloudflare Pages.

Camera and Microphone Permissions on Older Mac hardware

Follow these steps to permit applications use of Camera of Microphone on old mac hardware.

Handlebars Templates in Cloudflare Workers

We're going to use Cloudflare's Workers to serve up Handlebars templates.

Better monitoring metrics on Elastic Beanstalk Instances

Improving the metrics your Elastic Beanstalk instances generate

Floppyball - Colour Maximite 2

A simple Flappy Bird clone for your Colour Maximite 2!

Advent of Code 2021

Some visualisations created for AoC 2021.

Vue JS Browserify to Webpack Conversion

Browserify seems quite outdated, webpack seemed the way to go, here's a template.

FizzBuzz in Assembler

An optimised FizzBuzz implementation in Turbo Assembler

Retro: Amiga Gear - 2021

It's been a while since I've showcased the current state of my Amiga corner.

How Things Have Moved On

The amount of things that change in a few years' time is amazing. Let's talk about it.

Retro: A Complete Set of Amiga gear

I recently received the last piece of the gear I need to use my Amiga the way I want to!

Retro: Commodore 64

I received some more retro-tech, which obviously warrants a nice picture for all to see!

Retro: Cleaning my Amiga 500 (part 2)

In preparation for the parts that I have ordered I wanted to make sure my Amiga 500's insides are in good working order.

Gameboy Advance: Multi game cartridges

A ring at the door, a small package with a Chinese looking font! Woo, they're here, my multi-game GBA cartridges

Received some new goodies - VZ300

Today I got some "new" old hardware, truly a piece of history now in my posession. It even still works!

Contentful: Content as a Service

Wanting to avoid solving a well-solved problem I went looking for external data management systems, to integrate with.

Retro: The Amiga 500 (part 1)

In a bout of nostalgia I managed to cheaply purchase an Amiga 500. Follow along as I work on upgrading it and setting up a nice development workflow.