Jannykokmuziek.nl Revisited

Using my new Bloomreach XM + XIN MODS tech-stack for headless content management , I've deployed a new version of Janny Kok Muziek.

Franck Insights

Clean implementation of simple design in WordPress for Franck Insights

Stichting SCN

The website described here is the culmination of a number weeks of work in which a beautiful design has been transformed into something beautiful, representing the digital heart of the new youth movement in Groningen.

TRG Tooling

A set of tools developed by FourdSoftware using the Rails stack for TheReachGroup, a German company that specializes in Search Engine Optimization.


This is one of the few, accurate and neutral sources of information about the Body Scan. A trend that has been flaring up all around The Netherlands. What is it, who will insure you for it, and does it have great benefits?


Developed a personal website for Janny Kok, a musician and teacher with many interesting musical offers.