Flocking around with the Kinect

Having created a cool prototype using the newly release Microsoft Kinect SDK I decided to pen down my findings and share them with HUGI readers. Now you'll also have the opportunity read it here.

A blast from the past!

This article discusses a number of graphics programming techniques: the rotational zoom, phong shading and bumpmapping. They are combined into a nice visual package: a bump-mapped rotozoom.

Reaction diffusion on the GPU

This article discusses an implementation of the Reaction Diffusion algorithm on the GPU. Showing how to solve a partial differential equation through discrete iteration using a Ping-Pong technique with frame buffer objects (FBOs).


Every once in a while, you are introduced to a new technology that improves your day to day life as a Web developer so much, you can't stop talking about it. Recently I have been introduced to AngularJS.

Open MiniGUI principles

As I was rummaging through ye ol' bin of things I made, I found some articles describing how to use the tiny little OpenGL GUI library I had created. If you're interested in trying to use the library, it's a good (yet incomplete) point to start at.

Problems of software evolution also apply to configuration files

One of the most important factors in determining how well a system, and its current shape is understood lies in how well (and where) it has been documented. This short article shows you a way to add rationale to your configuration files.

A centralized interface specification

For some time now web applications have been becoming more and more complex. So much even, that there now is a need for them to start mimicking the user interactions of regular Desktop Applications -- think of Gmail, Facebook etc

Websocket Handshake

Recently, I have been tinkering with the new technologies that the latest browsers have started to integrate, in particular: WebSockets. I ran into some problems with the newest draft that needs you to provide a proper answer to a security challenge.

SCAR: a Java scaffolding solution

This post is dedicated to providing you with insights into the reasons why "code re-use" is applied; which, in turn, shows why these principles aren't always applicable to middle-sized software components.