Kinect SDK: surrounded by bees

Recently I have been given the opportunity to experiment with the brand new official Microsoft Kinect SDK. In only a few days I setup a framework in which skeleton location information is easily projected onto the screen.

One of the cool things about the Kinect is that it outputs information in real-world metrics. When one asks the location of the left hand, it returns a vector that specifies direction and length (which is what vectors do). The length is specified in meters!

Using a number of points on the body, I was able to turn the Kinect into the worlds most expensive measuring tape. To project a small swarm-like particle system I had to know the length of the person in front of the camera, this determines the scale of the particles.

Check out the youtube video above of me demo-ing the application. I intend to write more of an article on this. When it is done it will also be available for download here. In the meantime I'll be writing more little Kinect Experiments.

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