Tutorial #016: Preventing unwanted Bloomreach content structure changes using XIN Mods

In this video we're going to talk about how to prevent people from messing with the structure of your content tree too much by using XIN Mods Workflow Actions.

We'll be going through a piece of documentation you can find in the hippo-xinmods here.

Oftentimes, the frontend application that is responsible for ingesting content from your Bloomreach Repository requires certain pieces of content to be located at very specific paths. By default, Bloomreach users can basically do anything to the structure of the content tree. To prevent them from changing parts that should never be changed, we can implement XIN Mods Workflow Actions. 

These actions provide a set of rules that are checked before any of Bloomreach's workflow actions, like renaming, deleting or moving are authorised. 

We'll be doing two things:

  1. Changing the plugins the CMS uses to check workflow actions, and point them at the XIN Mods ones; and
  2. Implementing a simple rule that prevents us from deleting or renaming an important path.

Follow along in the video below:

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