Tutorial #013: Restructure your Bloomreach XM Content by using Faceted Navigations

In this video we're going to talk about using faceted navigation nodes to navigate through our content structure in new ways.

To present our documents in a content structure that is different from the folder structures the documents are currently part of, we can use faceted navigation nodes.

There are different types of faceted navigation you can implement, and you should read through the bloomreach documentation to discover all of the variations. It describes them quite well!

Watch the video below:

Code from the video

									const xinmods = require('xinmods');
									describe("fetch some facets", async () => {
									    it("should get a list of facet tags", async() => {
									        const conn = xinmods.connectTo("http://localhost:8080", "admin", "admin");
									        // getFacetAtPath
									        // 1- basePath == /content/facets/recipe-tags
									        // 2- childPath = "xinmods:recipeTags"
									        // 3- options {} --> fetch: [],
									        const facetItem = await conn.getFacetAtPath("/content/facets/recipe-tags", "xinmods:recipeTags/italian/xinmods:recipeTags/curry");
									        console.log("Item: ", JSON.stringify(facetItem, null, 4));

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