Tutorial #006: Fetching and Manipulating Images from Bloomreach

In this video we'll have a look at how to fetch and manipulate images from the Bloomreach DAM using XIN mods. 

Unit-test code: 


									const xinmods = require("xinmods");
									describe("A simple connecting test to Bloomreach XM", () => {
									    it("should connect and get a document", async () => {
									        const conn = xinmods.connectTo("http://localhost:8080", "admin", "admin");
									        const doc = await conn.getDocumentByPath("/content/documents/recipes/cupcakes-recipe");
									        // console.log(JSON.stringify(doc.items.thumbnail, null, 4));
									        // Image instance
									        const thumbnail = await conn.getImageFromLink(doc.items.thumbnail);
									        console.log(thumbnail.crop(300, 300).scaleWidth(150).toUrl());


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