Retro: Cleaning my Amiga 500 (part 2)

In my last post I indicated that I'll be receiving some new parts for my Amiga 500. Just because I'm super excited I wanted to get to know the hardware I'll be tinkering with a bit better.

What better way to do this than opening it up and give it a nice cleaning (good hygiene anyway). The hardware had also been a little bit flakey, it seemed to sometimes only partially turn on (or boot up in some error state) indicated by the red power-led only being halfway lit.

So, on my extra day off, I got my tools together, touched the radiator (ain't no one gonna electrocute my hardware); and started opening up the cute little chassis.

Below you can find some pictures of my adventure through Amiga 500 land:

I discovered the Amiga has an expansion card in the expansion slot. After researching the identification number that was stamped on the card it turns out it's an additional 512kb of ram, how great! :D

Overall I was very surprised with the ease with which I could open up the computer and have a look at the inside.

I'm now more excited than ever to get the new parts and put them in!

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