Retro: Amiga Gear - 2021

It's been a while since I last showed my little Amiga corner. More recently, I've tried to assemble all the parts I had laying around into a workable setup.

Some of the cool things I've added since the last time are:

  • an ioMega Zip drive that boots into Workbench
  • connected through my A590 Hard Drive Controller
  • a scan doubler with 3d printed case, allowing me to use the Amiga 500 on more recent displays.


Some of the peripherals

The latest addition to this setup is a Raspberry PI 400 (the self-contained computer) that has been hooked up to the Amiga's Serial Port.

It is hooked up to the UART pins on the GPIO of the Pi which by default exposes a serial terminal.

This allows me to connect to the Raspberry Pi's (internet connected) terminal using Atalk III. Now I can login to BBSes and interact like it's 1989 all over again!

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