Received some new goodies - VZ300

I recently purchased something "new" from the interwebs. Something that would go nicely with the rest of my collection. It is -- drumroll please -- a VZ300!

Some of the specs are as follows:

  • It was released in 1985;
  • Has a Z80 processor;
  • Allows for extended memory (like mine has);
  • Runs Microsoft Basic;
  • Motorola 6807 Video Chip.

More cool information about this model can be found here and here as well.

Here are some pictures:

Sure, it doesn't do much, but I wonder how I could get some programmes loaded onto it, maybe do something in Z80 assembler. I was thinking about getting one of those cassette tape.

The previous owner informed me he had used the machine to determine the chance a logging truck would collide with a schoolbus in a region of New Zealand. Turns out, that his prediction came true, thankfully there were no casualties.

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