How Things Have Moved On

It's been a while since I've last updated this content.

Looking back at the way my site has looked for the last few years, I'm not unhappy, especially knowing the effort I put in was not the greatest. 

Isn't that just alway the case .. when you do something for other people you just go all out, trying to make sure you've thought of every single thing, but when it comes to your own little corner of the web, "not that great" is good enough. 

Well, I've recently released a piece of software that allows me to host a number of websites on the same instance, so I thought, instead of relying on code that I haven't touched for a few years, I should port the site across. 

Reading through my old content as I copy paste it across, I must admit that I look back at those times with great fondness, a younger self, exploring new things and writing about them with much glee. 

Thankfully, my hunger for knowledge hasn't subsided, but my preference in frameworks I've been using has moved on!

Some of the cool tech I've been working with lately is:

  • VueJS (as a replacement for AngularJS)
  • ExpressJS for most of my server-side trickery;
  • Bloomreach XM + XIN Mods; a homebrew version of the community edition that has a bunch of additional plugins any reasonable website will leverage.

I do miss the days of just plain old Java, and even Groovy; but there's something to be said for the ecosystem, and speed with which you can cut to the chase with the modules provided through NPM. In the future, I'm sure I'll dive into greater detail regarding some of these things .. I'm especially keen to have a closer look at Bloomreach development patterns. Perhaps this will be of use to some people. 

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