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Open MiniGUI: C++/OpenGL GUI prototyping library I took it upon myself to create a simple prototyping GUI library that is integrated into existing OpenGL applications. It contains a number of standard components, features elements such as data-linking, extreme ease with a non-invasive notation.

Open MiniGUI: C++/OpenGL GUI prototyping library

As I was starting to dabble with OpenGL applications I found that, for prototyping an application, there were not many tools available that would integrate GUI elements into the OpenGL context. And the few tools that were available usually made things that much more complex for the developer.

All I wanted to do was quickly prototype a small application with a few buttons I could press, to change the state of different variables within a scene I was rendering.

I took it upon myself to create a small GUI toolkit that can be used for quick prototyping. Does not impact the design of the code at all, and does a lot of things the developer does not even want to think about when creating a prototype.

This resulted in the Open MiniGUI library I offer here to download. The image shows what the GUI elements look like. This screenshot was made with the code shown in the Header/Implementation files.

This release is not perfect. But it's usable enough for me to release. Some of the things I am working on are:

  • a more complete widget set;
  • different render targets, so your code will work in SDL as well as OpenGL
  • bugfixing ...


Some of the documentation I wrote about this toolkit resurfaced recently so I put it online here. Have fun!

Last release build 08-02-2009